What fun it is to read through past blog posts I’ve written on the Stacey Burns murder case. I ran across one from October, 2013 which listed some of my frustrations with the case. This entry was inspired by a question I was asked at a program I presented in New Hampshire. Again, note that it was written almost five years ago.

“Frustration # 2 is simply the fact that 1604 days have passed and the authorities continue to less than forthcoming with information. The public continues to be left to ponder why there has not been an arrest and to wonder what is missing that prevents the case from moving forward.”

So, would this entry be true today if we simply replaced the 1604 days with 3130 days? Is anything different? How much closer are the family and friends of Stacey Burns to seeing her murderer in prison?

Again, I invite you to visit my website (www.dukesouthard.com) and read the posts and comments from as far back as early 2011. In my opinion, the historical perspective is quite enlightening, if only for showing the intensity of the posts and comments early on in the investigation.