Here are just a few comments I’ve received from followers of this blog. They indicate just a small degree of the level of frustration with the lack of a resolution in the Stacey Burns murder case. We now approach the sixth holiday season without this mother, sister, daughter, friend, and dedicated educator. My only question about this fact is this: WHY? Here are some questions and comments from others.

“Why is everyone, including the investigative authorities, so complacent?”

“Is sorry enough? NO!”

“…if this were your daughter, would you be so complacent?”

“It’s easy to say sorry, but to amend the results, action needs to be taken.”

“I have followed both cases diligently (referring to another case as well) and everything seems to be stagnant . . . ”

I’ve asked this question before but it is worth asking again. Is anyone else thinking that Stacey’s case is sinking into oblivion? I’ve also asked if anyone out there, including and maybe especially law enforcement, can say that the case remains active. If so, I and many, many others would love to hear about it. Otherwise, your silence speaks volumes.