Our pastor this morning used the phrase “failure to trust” as a lynchpin in his sermon. I started thinking about how much my trust in so many things has eroded. His reference, of course, was to the trust we have or do not have in God. My thought drifted to another area, primarily my belief that people are telling me the truth. This belief, for sure, has eroded, and I don’t think that erosion is related to my cynicism increasing with age. I think it has to do with the reality that the truth has become a tool to stretch, to bend, and even ignore if it suits one’s purpose.

For example, I no longer have any faith that all leaders in our government, no matter which political persuasion, will tell the truth if it will damage their cause. What is amazing to me is that sometimes the cause is not all that important compared with other critical issues.

Another example: (and you knew this was coming) I no longer trust what the police have told me about the Stacey Burns murder case. It’s been years since I heard the quote from a NHSP source that an arrest is “imminent.” Was that the  truth at the time? Who knows? “We know who the killer is.” Is this the truth or wishful thinking? In this case, I pray every day that my “failure to trust” is misplaced and an arrest is really “imminent.”

“Failure to trust” is not a good thing. Everyone would admit that. However, in today’s world, is it any wonder that it is so difficult to have that kind of failure?

Sorry to be so negative-I’m often referred to as a hopeless romantic when it comes to believing in people and assuming they are acting in the best interest of others. Lately, leaders in our country are working hard to prove that it is indeed hopeless to believe what they are telling me.