First, my apologies- I said this blog was finished with the Stacey Burns murder as of the TENTH anniversary of her death. I leave it up to you folks in Wolfeboro to have your annual memorials and runs and walks and whatever else. I’m sure there will be others on the eleventh anniversary and the twelfth and thirteenth etc. etc..  . However, I received a message about a tip sent to the NHSP regarding the Stacey Burns murder that spurred me to respond. The tip was not new to me. Here is my response.

I was told this years ago and passed it along to the police (local) to
Did they follow up? Did anyone in authority ever do anything about this?
Is it any wonder that those of us who actually have spent considerable
time, energy, and effort (and money) get discouraged?
It is a small town crime with small town suspects. Come on, NHSP- DO YOUR

Is anyone else sick of the “ongoing investigation” or the latest from the AG’s office that there’s been a lot of activity on this case in the last six months?

Sorry, folks! I’ll shut up now, but someone, somewhere, somehow, has to call  the authorities on this. It is inexcusable and it is not the only case like it in the state of New Hampshire.

Someone should be ashamed.