To the readers of this blog, now 425 posts into it:

You tell me. When is it time to face the fact that you are not making any difference in the Stacey Burns murder case?

Please don’t interpret the following as a “poor me” complaint but facts are facts and those facts must be addressed at some point.

Here are the facts: Six years later, after uncountable hours of interviews, substantial expenditures in travel expenses with no reimbursement,  and encountering an astounding lack of interest or cooperation from law enforcement, I am ready to pass along a manuscript of 150 + pages, hundreds of pages of notes and emails, and a desire for someone to bring this case to a conclusion.

The last six weeks have been especially frustrating. A possible new and reliable source of information contacted me and the police as well. With a promise of “follow-up” to the information provided, I had some hope that someone was caring. To date, unless my information is incorrect (and please let that be so) the follow-up has not occurred nor has anything else happened to provide even a glimmer of hope. What does not matter is the fact that maybe this source(s) had nothing to offer. What matters is that the possibility, however slim, exists that there could be a tiny bit of truth in the story. Is there anything to lose by following up?

My writing over the last 18 years has established my credentials. I’m not a loose cannon on the fringe of credibility. Everything I have learned I have made available to the police should they be interested. Their lack of interest has, to me, been disappointing and deflating.

I’ve given this sad and tragic story everything I know how to do. Anyone out there want to take up where I am leaving off??