12-2Southard-Live Free or Die-covAs promised, here is another question posed by a gentleman at my last program on the Stacey Burns book project.

(paraphrased) Why wouldn’t Mr. Ed Burns, Stacey’s ex-husband, or at least almost ex-husband, want to have his side of the story told in your book?(The reason for the “almost” is that my understanding is a final settlement hearing was going to be held the Monday after Stacey’s murder so maybe the divorce was not final at the time when she died.)

My answer? I truly don’t understand it. Letters sent to him by regular mail and by registered mail were not answered. The registered letter was returned, not signed for, therefore unopened.

If the 20/20 television show is any indication, I would assume that the lawyer for Mr. Burns would advise him to not answer any questions about this case. If I were Mr. Burns, I would welcome the chance to be able to offset negative things that have been said about me. However, I’m not Ed Burns and it is over six year since his former wife was murdered, so why would he want to revisit this horrific event again? Of course, my requests were made several years ago.

So, Mr. Burns or any other representative , how would you answer the question raised at my presentation? Why wouldn’t you want your story told?