Here is another quote from the article in the New Hampshire Business Review of March 3, 2009. This quote is a reference to the shooting death of a Hooksett man in 1985.

“That case is no different from others we have. The reason that one got solved is because the Hooksett Police Department ponied up the money.” The person quoted is Sergeant Scott Gilbert of the New Hampshire State Police, an officer who is ostensibly still working on the Stacey Burns murder.

Can we assume by this statement, made just months before Stacey Burns was killed, that if the Wolfeboro Police Department or some other agency “ponied up the money” the Burns murder would be solved?

I’m not even sure what “ponied up the money” means. Maybe someone could explain that to me. How much was ponied up? Where did it come from? Where did it go?

Maybe twenty years from now, someone will decide to “pony up the money” so that the cowardly killer of Stacey Burns might be finally caught.