Everyone realizes that there is no way to confirm the content of Stacey’s call the Saturday before she was killed. At least four people have told me about the content of some of the calls and I have no reason to doubt what they have said. However, as mentioned before many times, without corroboration, the testimony of any witness can be called into question.

In Chapter Two of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns, the alleged content of some of the phone calls is discussed in detail but a few of those who provided the information have now requested that it not be published. So, here is a quotation from that chapter that describes my dilemma.

“(Recreating the story of that last day) requires treading water in a sea of supposition and wallowing in a wasteland of rumor, innuendo and outright lies.”

One series of phone calls, according to one source, had to do with Stacey’s relationship with Jim Vittum. Another friend says she “kept passing Stacey in the van at various times on Saturday and she was on the phone all the time,” a statement lending credibility to the thirty plus phone calls made that day.

The police surely have all of the phone records and have no doubt interviewed everyone about the content of the calls, content which possibly could supply some clues to the truth.

Another candidate for Stacey’s agent for justice? How about the killer? How better to serve justice for her than to have the courage to admit to the crime?