Packrats are a problem in our area in Arizona. For years, we’ve been battling them but yesterday, as we caught one in one of those horrible sticky traps, I revisited some thoughts I had back in New Hampshire when we thought an onslaught of tunneling chipmunks was going to undermine our house.

Here is the major one of those thoughts: these creatures are simply living their lives as their nature intends. It’s when that nature intersects with humans that an issue arises and they are usually on the losing side in any battles. We all know that nature is cruel but most creatures (notable exception=man) strive to be true to their creator’s expectations, doing what the good Lord intended, even when the outcome is horrific. (Have you ever seen a pack of coyotes surround a rabbit or other small animal?)

It seems to me that people, on the other hand, have that annoying issue of free will. We can choose what our nature will be and it often appears to clash with what most would call acceptable behavior. No matter what my political stance,  I shouldn’t sucker punch someone who doesn’t agree me with at a political rally. No matter what my religious belief, I shouldn’t ridicule, embarrass, or insult the belief of a fellow human being. No matter what the color of my skin, I shouldn’t judge myself superior to another of a different color.

If the human race would just do as its creator intended, like those packrats and chipmunks, the world might be a better place. However, (and I hope this is not true) if the human race was meant to be intolerant, racist, bigoted, judgmental, and, yes, even evil, then I guess we are succeeding as well as those “lower” animals.

Duke  (ps- Stacey Burns’ killer is, I believe, evil and by his/her/ choice has shown just how decadent the human race can be.)