In my last post about the Stacey Burns murder case, I mentioned that passion for a cause has a limited lifespan. Some interest in this statement leads me to provide just a little more detail as to why I believe that the statement applies to the murder of Stacey Burns.

The police cannot possibly have the same passion for finding the murderer as they did on May 10, 2009. Practicality rules and other cases have now drawn their passion in different directions. Has the lifespan of the Stacey Burns murder case run its course? Can that investigation no longer be sustained? I keep hoping that I’ve missed something, that the detective assigned to the case remains committed to seeing through to its conclusion. It would be nice for all concerned if some tidbit of information, no matter how small, could be shared. Otherwise, isn’t the logical conclusion simply that the passion for finding the killer has lost its fire?

Another blog post will address the passion of a few other groups for this particular cause.