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Page 55-First Draft-Murder in a Small Town

Believe me when I say that I’ve been forced into releasing bits and pieces of my manuscript because four years is too long. I did not even know Stacey personally and it is too long for me. I can’t imagine how long it must seem for family and friends. So, here is a short quotation from page 55 of the first draft of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

“There will be some who argue that a homicide case, if not solved in the first few days, will evolve into a lengthy investigation with frustratingly slow progress; however, the logic of it is inescapable. An entire litany of aspects of an investigation that can be compromised as time passes clearly exists. It is a litany that carries a substantial degree of sadness with it. Most of that sadness is caused by human nature and the importance placed on events that exist in the here and now versus events that are disappearing in the rear view mirror of life.” (Do the words lengthy, slow, frustrating, and compromised ring any bells?)

This afternoon, I read a portion of this  work in a writers’ critique group. The consensus of the group was to publish it now rather than wait until the conclusion, should there ever be one. Unless there is a confession, it is looking more and more as though there will never be a conclusion. That, my friends, is a sad, sad, commentary on our justice system. Watch for more snippets of the book here in upcoming days.

My usual offer stands but has been ignored or rejected for so long that I question why I even mention it. Let me hear from you! Stacey Burns deserves to have her story told but I can’t do it without hearing from critical people. I am listening but not hearing much!


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