Given what has developed so far in the murder of Stacey Burns, would you cast yourself as an optimist or a pessimist? Are you confident that her murderer will be arrested and convicted or do you doubt that anyone will ever pay the price for this horrendous crime?

In less than a week, Stacey Burns will have been dead for five years! Think about that then ask yourself this question: What am I doing to help solve this crime? If you are a police investigator, have you retraced every step of this investigation, including re-interviewing the major players and possible witnesses? If you are a friend, have you stayed the course and continued to honor her memory with your efforts to keep the case in the forefront? If you are a family member, have you continued to express your outrage that the murderer walks free? If you are a member of the Wolfeboro community, have you done all you can to make certain the police are protecting the general public from a psychopath in their midst?

After three years and a few months of working on my “book” about this case, I sometimes find myself drifting into a sad funk, wondering if this murder is just going to disappear under the sheer weight of time. Please, someone in any of the groups mentioned above, tell me that I am wrong about this!

FIVE DAYS and Stacey will be dead for five years!