One week- Stacey Burns will be dead for eight years. The person responsible continues to walk free, possibly even laughing at those trying to figure out a way to bring this EVIL person to some kind of accountability.

Forgive me for the following if it offends anyone…

On May 14, 1992, our son died of a weird electrical problem with his heart. He was 29 years old, a West Point career officer. I had no one to blame other than God for our loss. I can guarantee that if his death was human caused, as is the death of Stacey Burns, I would be doing everything within my power to bring the human being who caused his death to appear somewhere in an earthly court to explain why that person chose to end such a promising life.

I don’t have that luxury. My son died without a reason, without a human to blame.

Those who knew Stacey Burns know how special she was. There is a human to blame for her death. The logical conclusion to this apparent syllogism is this.

Stacey Burns was a a special individual.

She did not deserve to die.

Someone killed her in brutal fashion.

Therefore, why in God’s name do we not have the killer behind bars?

To our son, Gary, rest in peace. God has his plan. To Stacey Burns, I hope that your friends and family will pursue this to the ends of the earth. You deserve nothing less.