All right, I admit to stealing Stephen King’s title from his outstanding book for writers.

This will be brief.

I’ll also admit to being “old school” when it comes to writing. We subscribe to two newspapers on Sunday. Curious, after just completing a copy-editing project for a full-length novel, I placed the same template of expectations over the two newspapers. My guess is that editing in its truest sense in the newspaper business is a by-gone art form. My high school English classes would have done better as far as basic rules of syntax, grammar, and punctuation are concerned in many of the articles.

My point? I have none, other than to observe that the gradual degradation of expected standards in writing in the English language is obviously following the lead of the shorthand communications found in texting and email print media. Where will it end?  Will I be finding UR for “you are” in my next copy-editing job? If so, what will I do with it?

This clearly is one of those “in my humble opinion” posts. Sorry . . .