Here’s a thought from a person who just celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday. As of yesterday, I’m playing in the fourth quarter of the century. As a good friend gently reminded me on Tuesday, “you are three quarters of a century old, man!” With the comma in a different place, his comment comes out as “you are three quarters of a century, old man.”

The thing is that I don’t feel old. It’s not like 75 is the new 55 but I still feel as if I’m looking forward a lot more than I’m looking back. Of course, that could change in the proverbial heartbeat but for now, 75 isn’t so bad. How this relates to my writing projects is easy to define.

Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns remains a work in progress. However, as has been mentioned so often in this blog, without further information or movement in the case, I can’t finish it. The arrest/trial/conviction chapters can’t  be written. Without some cooperation from some people who have chosen not to be involved in this project, I can’t flesh out the parts of the story already written. Bottom line? Completion of this project depends on people over whom I have no control. I will continue to write my posts, expressing my feelings about this story, trying to elicit some reaction from those who can make a difference in getting this killer where he/she belongs.

Cracks in the Wall is the third novel with Detective Parker Havenot as the lead character. The first two chapters of this book are previewed in Live Free or Die, the just released novel. My estimate for completion of this novel is November, 2015.

Turning 75 so far has been painless; writing projects, family activities, wonderful recreational opportunities in the Arizona sun, meaningful volunteer activities, and quality time with my very special wife invite me into the fourth quarter with excitement and enthusiasm.

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