In the world of speculation, rumor, and innuendo about the murder of Stacey Burns (reminder: now five years and three months ago), one of the oft-mentioned theories about the crime is that Stacey was the victim of a “murder for hire” scheme.

These theories include the entire gamut of suspects- from husbands, boyfriends, jealous wives, jealous girlfriends, to the even more bizarre such as drug cartels, “higher ups” in law enforcement and politics, and undercover informants.

The methodology of the murder seems to preclude the professional hit many theory. Professional killers know what they are doing; they are in and out, not dallying with what would have been a drawn out and messy scene. However, one theory is that perhaps this particular “hit man” was not a professional; instead he/she was new to the profession, so new that panic set in when the murder didn’t go as planned and he/she escaped detection by pure, dumb luck..

Who knows if any of these theories has merit?  Surely, the police know as they would have eliminated these as possibilities during their early investigations. I, for one, would like to see a definitive announcement made to put these theories to rest once and for all. It would go something like this: “We have determined that the murder of Stacey Burns was carried out by a single perpetrator with no assistance from anyone else, before, during, or after the crime was committed.”

If anyone in authority is reading this blog, would you be able to sign on to the above statement?

Just curious . . .