My hiatus from posting on this blog was due to my youngest sister’s serious health issues, which resulted in her death this past week.

I was able to visit with her in Tampa last Tuesday for a couple of hours. She died about thirty hours later. Death of a loved one, no matter how expected, is always difficult to handle, maybe because it only serves to remind us of our own mortality. My sister, Peggy, was twelve years younger than I am, an age difference that made a close relationship practically impossible. I was married and out of the house almost before she entered elementary school. However, just as parents aren’t supposed to bury their children, an older brother doesn’t expect to lose a much younger sister. As she whispered to me during the visit, “I’m only 63 and I’m dying. It is isn’t fair.” You’re  absolutely right, Peggy. It isn’t fair.

May you rest in peace, little sister-you touched many, many hearts with your kind, generous, and caring attitude.

Your deeply saddened brother, Duke.