I just “celebrated?” a birthday, one which put me solidly in the elderly category.  I love all the clichés that abound when one celebrates a birthday. You know, sayings like “it’s only a number” and “you’re only as old as you feel” or, my favorite, “you really look good for your age.”

Anyway, a birthday is an anniversary and we’ve been looking at a sad upcoming anniversary on this post for a while now.  Back in January, I mentioned how great it would be if the murder of Stacey Burns was solved before the eighth anniversary of her death. I also mentioned the possibility of a “March for Justice” for Stacey on that day. Well, here is the update on those two items.

When we started the countdown to that dreadful anniversary, there were one hundred and sixteen days left. Now, there are sixty three. So, fifty three days have passed. I wonder if that crime is closer to being solved?

The march for justice apparently will not be happening.

A scary thought just streaked across my mind. This elderly gentleman might be celebrating yet another birthday while the search for Stacey’s killer drags on into 2018. Let us all hope that is not the case!