The following came to me in an email this morning.
Would anyone care to comment? I, for one, am confused. Was posting the Stacey Burns “Unsolved homicide” on the cold case list really an effort to get someone to step forward?
I’ve been told, and this is just an uninformed outsider speaking, that a case received the designation of cold when there is no activity for at least a year, not when no arrest has been made. Wouldn’t that mean that many more cases would be considered cold?
Thirty four days to the 8th anniversary-I’m happy to see, if my email sender is correct, that the Stacey Burns murder case will “continue to be staffed with teams from the NH Attorney General’s Office, the NH State Police Major Crime Unit, and the NH Cold Case Unit.” One would think that these three offices will have this solved in the next thirty four days.
Comments, anyone?
Here is the email:
As of April-04-2017

The Stacey Keane Burns case … remains open, and is at times an active case.

The Stacey Keane Burns case … was listed on ‘The Cold Case’ website as no arrest had been made, and the intention was that posting
The case on The Cold Case website would offer an alternative avenue for anyone wanting to provide information about
This case, could do so.
The Stacey Keane Burns case has been and will continue to be staffed with Team’s from…
The NH Attorney General’s Office
The State Police Major Crime Unit
The NH Cold Case Unit
Anyone who wishes to provide information about The Stacey Keane Burns case can do so by contacting
The State Police Sergeant Brian Strong at (603) 223-3648 or through The Cold Case website at