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Nothing New, Right?

Since my new novel ( a work in progress) has a fledgling writer who is trying to write a true crime book as its protagonist, I thought I’d reprise a post from this blog published just about a month ago. This is it.

The last I heard re: the Stacey Burns murder investigation was that a NHSP detective had been assigned to the case full time. I’m not sure if this information is correct, but if it is, I wonder how his work is proceeding.

I’m sure many, many people have been interviewed again and every scrap of evidence is being reexamined.

Any of those many, many people care to comment about the latest contact with the NHSP?

I had said I wouldn’t post anything myself until I had something new to say. Sorry, but I don’t!

So, what is everyone up there in the North Country hearing? I (and other interested parties, I’m sure) would love to hear from anyone close to the case¬† who has been contacted again recently. Some folks who contacted me a while back appear to have lost interest in sharing or just decided that there was little chance for me to make any sort of difference.

Anyone have anything to offer in respect to this subject? If a particular post is not pertinent to the subject at hand, remember I have the duty and responsibility to disapprove it.




2 Responses to Nothing New, Right?

  • jim vittum says:

    Grand jury listened to another person (third so far that i know of) tell them that they never told anyone that they heard me confess to this murder. Seriously, that’s what Strelzin calls “new information”. Someone calls the cops, tells them someone else told them i confessed, they follow up and that someone else says “never mind”. Meanwhile, you figure out when eddie the knife goes to trial in Ma.and let me know, he’s looking at 15 years for stabbing a man in the back. It’s all we got and it’s gonna be awesome.

  • christine post says:

    This October, it will be 9 years since Bobbie Miller was murdered in her home along with her dog. I wonder if anyone in the cold case unit is assigned to her case.

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