Almost seven years ago, Stacey Burns was murdered in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Some of my respondents to this blog have indicated that they were told, upon inquiry, that this case was none of their business.

When she was slaughtered on Mothers’ Day, 2009, Stacey was a vital part of the lives of many people in the community, not to mention  her family.

I lived in Tuftonboro when she was murdered.  I did not know her personally but she was a member of the Lakes Region community and an integral part of the school district in which I taught for sixteen years.

My question? Is it “none of my (our) business” that I(we) want this case closed after seven years?”

Here is my take on this. It is EVERYONE’S business when a wonderful, caring, human being is removed from this planet because a sick psychopath chooses to murder her.

It is the business of the community of Wolfeboro; it is the business of the family and friends of  Stacey Burns; it is the business of law enforcement; it is the business of anyone connected with this horrible crime to demand it be resolved.

Please, do not sayit is none of our business. It absolutely and unequivocally is our business as human beings to prevent evil where possible  and to see that evil is punished where possible.

Everything that happens in our circle of influence is our business. The murder of Stacey Burns is in that circle for many people. Don’t take the easy way out and say that it is “none of our business.”

Sorry for the rant but seven years is TOO long!