What if there were no conspiracies in the death of Stacey Burns?

What if it was just a single, psychotic person who was incredibly lucky to not get caught?

No one has been arrested for this crime. If he or she acted alone, wouldn’t it be logical that either the killer executed a well-planned attack or was extremely lucky to not leave behind enough evidence for the police to discover his or her identity?

The last post dealing with conspiracies (big ones) reached, at this moment, 195 people.  That’s been about average for an unboosted post on this blog about the murder of Stacey Burns. I would be very curious what the results of a poll of those 195 people would be if it asked this question with a simple yes or no answer.

Was anyone except her killer knowingly involved in the murder of Stacey Burns? Yes or no? Vote now!

If this gets any response, I will pass it on.

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