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Next up-Wolfeboro


After a successful launch of Cracks in the Wall, my new novel, in Green Valley, Arizona, on Sunday,  I will be meeting and greeting at my next event in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Stop in for a visit at The Country Bookseller on Sunday, August 21, from 2-4 P.M. Owner Karen Baker, shown in the photo at an event she hosted in May of 2015 for my previous novel, Live Free or Die, will be the hostess once again.

I look forward to seeing old friends and hopefully, seeing some new folks as well.


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  • jim says:

    Robert Chambers was arrested yesterday! He’s the police chief who married Rusty Beans wife less than a year after he went ‘missing’. He’s the police chief who’s father confessed to helping him bury o’ Rusty 10 years later. (his body was then found in Chambers yard) He’s the police chief who never faced charges for that murder. Now, some 30 years later we learn that the police chief that Strelzin and company let go for murder has been sexually abusing children ever since. And another thing ….. are you all aware that one of the kids at Stacey’s house ‘that’ night (NOT ONE OF HERS) has died of a drug overdose? N.H. is Obama’s America now. Our new normal.

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