I’m feeling very sorry for our children and grandchildren right now. No matter who wins this election, I see no way that this country can overcome the amount of hatred, division, and bigotry that has been generated during this campaign.

If Trump wins, people say they will leave the country.

If Clinton wins, we have militias who are gearing up their arms.

One voice in New Hampshire calls out, “Execute her!” at a Trump rally.  Thank God for Sununu who at least told that voice that he was over the line.

If we don’t return to the due process of our laws, we have anarchy. If those with the biggest guns rule the land, we have anarchy.  If a citizen cannot go the polls to vote with being intimidated or harassed, we have anarchy.

If the Catholic Church allows one of its parishes to say that voting for Democrats is a mortal sin, we have anarchy.

Look up the definition, folks. It is not going to be any fun unless we decide to be a civilized country.

I am depressed and saddened beyond belief every time I read a newspaper or turn on the television.