Apparently, if one is to believe the news reports, drug usage, particularly heroin, is the major problem facing the state of New Hampshire. This according to a poll taken among New Hampshire voters and reported in the Wall Street Journal in November.

Well, interestingly enough, one of the rumors  circulating in May, 2009, was that perhaps the murder of Stacey Burns was somehow connected to the drug culture of Wolfeboro. None of the rumors I have heard suggested that Stacey was involved in that culture; rather, she could have trying to stop the progress of it. Now, well over six years later, we are hearing that overdoses using heroin number in the dozens, if not the hundreds, in the state.

Although no longer a resident there, I continue to care about the state and its people. I would hate to think that the facetious joke about coming to New Hampshire if you want to get away with murder (read Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller and others) will be joined by another cruel joke about the state, something like. “Come to New Hampshire and feed your heroin addiction.”

One policeman is quoted as saying that we “can’t arrest our way out of this problem,” referring to the heroin epidemic. Perhaps not, but is it possible that an arrest or two in murder cases might convince the populace that at least that sick joke about the state is not accurate?

Just wondering . . .