Okay, folks! After many years, untold hours of interviews, hundreds of pages of notes, trips to NH, substantial expenses, and now facing the apparent fact that the killer of Stacey Burns is never going to be judged on this planet, I’ve decided to rearrange priorities on this blog. The number of posts dealing with the murder of Stacey Burns has been over 80%.  The other eight subject categories have split the remaining 20%.

Twenty days from now, Stacey will be gone eight years. After May 10, the blog posts you see here will be more equally divided among subjects in which my readers have shown interest. There will still be posts, mostly updates (if there ever are any) on the “progress” in the Stacey Burns murder case.  My reasons for this decision are many and varied, but the most important factor is that I feel as if I have nothing new to say. Looking back over the years of postings, I find that I’ve covered as many aspects of this case as I could without cooperation from the authorities, Stacey’s family, and others whose stories I’d love to share. (Ed Burns, Eric Thor, a couple of females in Wolfeboro, for example). Many possibilities have been presented and, on numerous occasions, I’ve offered to share every bit of information I have gathered with the investigators. Obviously, they must feel that my information would offer nothing new, even advising one of my sources to stay away from this blog as the people posting are not always who they say they are.

For the next twenty days, any post I write will deal with the Stacey Burns case. After the eighth anniversary comes and goes, the content will vary somewhat from you are used to.

I continue to pray for justice for Stacey and her family. Eight years is too long to wait!