As I contemplate why only one person has responded to my request for knowledge of people interviewed during the tenth year of the Stacey Burns murder investigation, I began thinking about the “tips’ about the murder that have come my way as a result of my blog and my visits to New Hampshire.

I’ve been told, and I understand the concept, that police are under no obligation to inform someone who submits a tip or possibly relevant information of the results of the investigation of that tip. So, with that in mind, I still think I’m allowed to wonder about what happened to information I submitted to the NHSP in May, 2017, a mere sixteen months ago. I’ve been unable on my own to establish whether the people involved in that information were ever contacted, although it appears that a phone call or two may have been attempted.

My question?Would it really interfere with the police work or jeopardize the investigation if someone called to simply say thanks, but nothing came of it, or, thanks, we are still investigating it, or anything similar that would encourage me to pass on additional information should it come my way?

Right now, I honestly do not know where I’d go with new information were it supplied to me in confidence. I’m sorry, but unless someone in New Hampshire knows otherwise, this case should be declared officially cold. The open-unsolved category does not fit, in my opinion.

NHSP- Feel free to present your argument to the family and friends of Stacey Burns that it is still in the open-unsolved category. This would obviously involve letting someone know exactly what is being done. Clearly you feel no obligation toward me, but I would think you might toward the Burns family.