For over four years, I’ve tried to put together a narrative that would make sense of a senseless act.  No matter what I am doing, the murder of Stacey Burns is never far from the surface of my mind. My thoughts on this heinous crime range from a valley of despair in which the murderer never is exposed to the peak of hope on which the killer is not only arrested but is punished in some fitting way.

Now, to the musings of the title of this piece . . .

Does this person ever consider the consequences of the psychotic action of taking her life?

Does the killer ever experience any regret?

Is this coward able to rationalize the crime away, as in, “her behavior forced me to do this” or “she was making all the wrong choices” or “I only did what anyone would do in my situation?”

Has this crime now been placed firmly in the killer’s rear view mirror of life, only too be seen if he or she choses to glance in that mirror?

Just wondering . . .