Several months ago, I mentioned on this blog that the first draft of my book about the Stacey Burns murder case will include five (there could be six) different murder scenarios. Each of them has a different perpetrator and I believe that any one of them is plausible. I also mentioned that the police, should they choose to do so, could easily prove that some of them are not plausible and have already been investigated and dismissed.

I know this sounds like the proverbial broken record but it is true. After five years and four months, why can’t the public be told that there are scenarios that are not viable? Could it be that damaging to their case if someone in authority conducted a press conference and announced in plain English that they have positively eliminated certain people from the list of suspects?

By the way, one of my scenarios is one that I know the police have not investigated. I guess they are still playing the famous waiting game, sure that this killer is going to have a spiritual moment which will move him/her to confess.

Don’t hold you breath on that one!