I extend my apologies for the passage of time between blogs-life sometimes gets in the way, especially around this busy season!

In previous postings, I’ve mentioned that, barring any stunning new developments such as an arrest of the murderer of Stacey Burns, I will be including in the first draft of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns scenarios describing how the murder may have been committed. I am writing five of these, each with a different suspect. However, my readers should know that there is one catch to these hypothetical situations. That is, I have discounted alibis. All of the scenarios are based on the possibility that the alibi established by each potential murderer is not valid. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds if you think about it. Consider this logic: the killer has an alibi which apparently is strong enough to prevent the police from arresting him or her. (It has been four years and seven months!) Obviously, that alibi is not valid because he (or she) is, after all, the killer. Therefore, for my scenarios, I’ve allowed that no one’s alibi is valid in order to keep the proverbial playing field level.

Scenario # 1 is written and I believe it reads as a plausible sequence of events. Now, it is on to the next plausible murder plot, and, by the way, we surely are all certain that the investigators have proceeded through these possibilities as well.

Happy New Year!