Is there a difference between murdering and killing? Biblical scholars say there is quite a difference. Does the “Thou shalt not  _____” commandment say murder or kill? Most scholars will say that murder is the best translation because it refers to what one human being does to another. Cain murdered Able but he killed his livestock for food.

Killing is apparently all right under certain conditions. Murder is never justified.

Stacey Burns was murdered. That crime cannot be justified, ever. Were her killer ever to be arrested, tried, and convicted,  some would say he/she should receive the death penalty. In effect, that means that executing a murderer is justified and does not fall under the umbrella of the commandment since it is not murder. It would be a justified killing. When one goes hunting, he does not murder a deer; he kills it. Therefore, it is not covered by the “Thou shalt not murder” commandment.

Why did I bring this up? Simply because in sixty one days, we will observe the SEVENTH anniversary of the unjustified and heinous MURDER of Stacey Burns.

How many more years will go by before this murder is solved? (if ever!)