I will continue with regular posts on the Stacey Burns murder. However, be advised that there may be repetition of some content in past posts since there is no new information. Until there is an arrest or some equally dramatic event in the case, my work on writing Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns will be on hold. Without new information, there is no reason to continue editing and revising what I have at this point. To the few of you who have supplied unique takes on what happened, I give my thanks and please be assured that your scenarios have been given considerable attention.

For those who are interested, my current writing projects (in addition to the Stacey Burns book) include a memoir titled There’s A War On, a book about growing up as a child of Greatest Generation parents in the World War II and post World War II era. “There’s A War On” refers to an aphorism of my grandmother’s, a phrase she used regularly to help us understand why we had to sacrifice during the war. However, the main theme of the memoir is the undeclared and subtle war I waged in my relationship with my father during that tumultuous period.

A second writing project is a novel which continues the story begun in Agent for Justice, my second published novel.