I will continue to post my opinions, comments, and questions about the Stacey Burns murder regularly. Be advised that some content will be repetitious from previous posts because there really is nothing new to report. Without an arrest or some equally dramatic event, my work on writing Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns will be put on hold as all I am doing now is editing and revising what is already written. If someone should have new information, please contact me. To those who have offered unique takes on what happened, I offer my thanks and please be assured that your contributions have been noted and incorporated into the sad story of the murder of Stacey Burns.

My current writing projects (in addition to the Stacey Burns book) include a novel which continues the story begun in Agent for Justice. that project was well along when the Stacey Burns murder book came along and I am excited to return to it.

A third project is a memoir entitled There’s A War On.” The title refers to an aphorism my grandmother used all the time during World War II and refers to our family’s need to understand the sacrifices necessary for the war effort. The major theme of this memoir, which is also well along, is a second “war” an undeclared and subtle war I was waging with my father, a member of the Greatest Generation. Watch for further posts on the Stacey Burns case as well as information on these other continuing projects.