In preparation for a possible conversation with a television reporter (which hasn’t happened yet but may fairly soon), I spent an hour or so leafing through what I call my personal “murder book,” a term used widely by real detectives. It is a compilation of every scrap of paper generated by my research into the Stacey Burns murder. It includes interview notes and transcriptions, hard copies of e-mails, contact documentations, permission to use information forms, and newspaper clippings and articles. It is about two inches thick with hundreds of pages of material.

I’m beginning to think that since the police have expressed no interest in my work, it might be worthwhile publishing some of the information it contains, especially material from early on in my research. The first written documentation in the book is dated August 12, 2010, about fourteen months after Stacey’s murder and well before the 20/20 television show about the crime.

I used the information to write the beginning of the Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns, a book which has lain dormant in a desk drawer while waiting for the arrest/trial/conviction chapters to be written in real life.

So, dear readers, is this something worthy of attention to you, even though it “old news?”

Have a good day!