For those who have asked (and there are several) the momentum toward completing the new novel featuring Parker and Josie Havenot, Gordon Tibideau, and others from Agent for Justice continues. The first draft is on track for completion by the end of November with rewrites, editing, etc. finished in time for a spring, 2015, release. The working title is Live Free or Die,an obvious reference to the New Hampshire state motto.

Meanwhile, with no new information coming to light on the Stacey Burns murder case, Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns sits on my desk (actually in my computer on my desk) awaiting necessary action for the Arrest/Trial/Conviction chapters. Yet again, I was encouraged by a literary consultant just yesterday to write the story as a novel. That is a great idea but even if I changed the names anyone could recognize the players so I’m still considering how to do that.