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Mind Changers or Game Changers- A Reprise

PLEASE NOTE: This is a repeat of a post from March of 2014. I thought it bears repeating since my recent post on “Eleven Suspects” was looked on with disdain from one particular respondent.

The numbers mentioned in this older post have increased in every case, but what truly matters is the fact that in five years since it was written, I’ve had at least four additional people provide information to me than change their minds about allowing its use. They join the group called “mind changers” in the first paragraph below.

From March 11, 2014 .  .  .

Since I began work on the Stacey Burns project, I have had four people (likely more) who said they wanted to provide information but then either told me I should not use what they said or they had second thoughts about speaking with me after the initial contact. This has happened fairly recently as well as over two years ago. These are the mind changers.

I sometimes wonder if these mind changers could have information which would be a game changer in the murder of Stacey Burns. Most of the general public believes there are only two “persons of interest” in this case. Some even believe there is only one. What if there are more? What if, on some lists, there are six? What if any one of these mind changers has information that would rule out one or more of these six? Clearly, the police have eliminated some of the six, maybe even five of the six.

New information could inspire new ideas or it could substantiate the old. However, if it is never mentioned, it will do neither, leaving the evasive truth to languish in limbo. So, mind changers, if you have something new, let’s hear it. Otherwise, we’ll never know if could be a game changer.


4 Responses to Mind Changers or Game Changers- A Reprise

  • jim says:

    Stacey told me of a childhood experience that I repeated to the investigators. She said she was molested and the molester threatened to kill her if anyone ever found out. In the divorce trial Ed exposed the molesters name. Never did i suspect this creep but it was relevant. If your mind changers have relevant info they need only talk to the detectives, so if they (detectives) ever get an ag with balls the defense won’t have any surprise’s at trial.

  • jmv says:

    Stacey was killed Sunday morning, Wednesday morning the state of N.H. accused me of the killing. (by the way,they have never shown me crime scene photos.That IS a tell) and after “failing” their polygraph I soon realized this is going to be an interesting trip, it has been. Jef Strelzin and the other AG’S just love it when they hear, oh, Bobby Millers son did it, or, Maura Murray’s father did it. and it must just warm their hearts to know that 10 years later people “close” to this case still believe it’s not a “no-brainer” and this ridiculous and unbelievably dangerous injustice IS justified. IT’S not.

    • jmv says:

      and another thing, If i had not gone on the offense and stood up to these liars…ya know,like Trump does, I’d be FUC-ED.

      • jim says:

        I do have to thank Ed though, his latest stabbing, though unfortunate for his southie pal’s backside it has relieved the pressure some on me,(the only other suspect). A big thank you Ed indeed, and my prayers that you enjoy your time in a Massachusetts state prison.

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