FIrst, I wish all of my readers, followers, and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous 2019! May you all be blessed with good health and happiness!

Second, you must read a comment on my last post regarding a Wolfeboro Town Hall type of event with all the VIP’s in the Stacey Burns murder case invited. The person who commented seems willing to get such an event started. Of course, there would be a tremendous amount of work to be done and shared, but that is a given.

My thanks to the person who submitted the following comment:

*my *WONDER*-FILLED BEAUTIFUL Vision for STACEY and her CHILDREN … Mothers Day2019

Stacey’s children, friends, family, are gathered IN THE PARK for an early evening memorial. The park is colorful with her favorite pink and green as over 100 beautiful budding large PINK ROSES were planted here and throughout town in her memory. Food has been catered by locals and the gentle soft sweet sound of angelic voices drifts through air. Her children listen and share stories, food, and music……. the Honorable Governor Chris Sununu is asked to speak & accompany whomever is RESPONSABLE for the ongoing investigation. Maybe the press will be invited as well as they should be…I have already ordered 111 PINK ROSE BUSHES!!! NEED PERMITS and locations where they can be planted on PUBLIC PROPERTY and also could take orders in FEBRUARY for private sales. Let’s flood Wolfeboro and the main roads in and out of town with pink roses for Stacey!

Lots of work… lots of help I will need. Been patiently waiting.