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May 11, 2019

Putting on my novelist hat, I’ll ask a “what if” question, the kind of question that keeps a story rolling.

What if, on Saturday, May 11, 2019, one day after Stacey Burns will have been dead for ten years, a venue was available for all law enforcement personnel who have ever worked on Stacey’s murder case to come together and provide the general public with whatever information they have gathered up to the day of the tenth anniversary. This would include everyone from the first lead detective, Steve Rowland, to folks from the N.H. Attorney General’s Office, to local authorities, and to state officials.

Obviously, this group would not be able to provide anything potentially damaging to the “ongoing” investigation, but just maybe they could provide a bit of encouragement for those who have waited for ten years for some resolution.

Do you think anyone in an official capacity would agree to show up? Wouldn’t it be interesting to try?

Just asking since nothing else appears to be happening


5 Responses to May 11, 2019

  • Lynn says:

    I think that would be awesome! But saying they arrested someone wpuld be even better. I cannot believe it will be 10 years! So very sad.

  • Doug says:

    Asking would sure be worth doing! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Does anyone close to Stacey still care? What about her brother? I am sure her children do AND would like to see her memory cared about. Thanks so much Duke for keeping her memory alive.

  • Will Castellan says:

    That would be amazing! Any communication about this investigation would be welcomed..
    Stacey deserves justice. Her children deserve justice. Tragic loss. Been way too long.
    I hope an arrest is made.

  • jim says:

    That’s funny, like any of those guys, especially Rolly give 2 shits about this. His pension depends upon him keeping his pie hole SHUT. These cowards couldn’t say shit if they had a mouth full, and wanted to, They (lead detectives, and Ag’s) are “dirty”, Strelzin might not know it yet but he WILL say something this year, mark this down. See ya soon jeffie.

  • Bwolfe says:

    Heard on WMUR at 5:00 that a bill is being presented to ask for $220.000 dollars for work to solve Cold Cases. Hope it passes and helps to find the murderer of Stacey Burns.

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