On Sunday morning , I played golf with a special friend and his son. The joy as we navigated the course was interrupted and tempered by a huge fit of melancholia as I thought about the “what if’s?” of life. I would have given anything t0 be in that foursome with my son as my partner as well. Ten years or twenty seven years- there is still the universal truth that remains.

Coming up on the 27th year anniversary of our son’s death at age 29, we remain devastated. I’m sure that all of Stacey Burns’ family and friends feel the same.

What a waste that such a special woman as Stacey should be taken away by the truly gutless act of murder!

What a waste for such a special man as Gary should be taken away by such a random miss-firing of his heart in such as superb athletic body!

There is no reason for Gary’s death other than a fluke physical occurrence.

We have only God to explain his death or to blame for it.

Those who knew Stacey Burns have a very specific person to blame. One (maybe two) evil people committed the crime that took Stacey from you (us).

We have a very human person to blame for Stacey’s death. What are you or anyone you know doing about it?

RIP: Gary Scott Southard and Stacey K. Burns- may we find some reason for the dreadful realities  of life!