IMG_0150Yesterday, my personal essay, “Three Weeks”, was  awarded first place in the Society of Southwestern Authors writing contest in the memoir/non0fiction category. This  award includes a cash prize and publication of the work in The Story Teller.  As I reread the story, which is based on my experiences as a meals on wheels driver, a portion of one paragraph seemed worth repeating in this forum since so many of my blog posts have dealt with the Stacey Burns murder case. Here is that part of the essay.

“The mysterious, almost mystical search for ways to “make a difference” engages a large segment of the population. What is often missed in this search is the simplicity of it all. . . . .Making a difference provides a sound reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, it is as simple as just doing the right thing. It is amazing how often doing the right thing makes a difference.”

So, those of you in a position to do something about getting the killer of Stacey Burns off the street, how about doing the right thing? You just might be amazed at the difference it will make.