12-2Southard-Live Free or Die-covThe second Parker Havenot novel is coming fast. A mentor of mine when I first entered my second career of writing (Robert Newton Peck) told me that if I wrote a book, it had better be a book I was proud to have my name displayed on the cover. I said this about the Stacey Burns murder book and I, likely egotistically, say it about this novel. It remains to be seen if anyone agrees, but at this point, I am proud of my work on the continuing story of Josie and Parker Havenot.

The book will be out in the next three months, or perhaps slightly sooner, and the pre-publication reviews have been excellent.  Those folks who live in New Hampshire will surely recognize the title as their state motto and also must be wondering how that motto comes into play in the story. You’ll find out in just a couple of months!