As mentioned in my previous post, I have made a holiday resolution to write to public officials in New Hampshire requesting  updates on the progress in the investigation into the murder of Stacey Burns on May 10, 2009. Below is just a portion of the first letter to Governor Maggie Hassan. I will let you know if it receives any response.

“My reason for writing to you as the chief public officer in the state is two-fold. First, this crime is so heinous in its viciousness that the killer must be caught, regardless of the claims by the authorities that no citizen is in danger from this person. Obviously, one certainly was. Second, my frustration with the officials who are handling the case knows no bounds. My research indicates that the murder of Stacey Burns is no longer being investigated. If any effort is being made to make an arrest, it is a token effort at best.

I am not the only person seeking information on the progress of this investigation. I’m asking, for the sake of Stacey Burns, her children, her family, her friends and her many community advocates, that you simply ask two questions of those in charge. Why has there not been an arrest and why are the authorities so reticent to share the status of this case? These are questions which have been asked many times over but, in my opinion, never answered satisfactorily. Perhaps they would be if you were the one to raise them.”

As I said, this is only a portion of the letter.