DukeSouthardWebProfileIn the next few posts, I’ll be sharing a few of the theories that folks have shared with me about the murder of Stacey Burns. Obviously, I will not be sharing names, neither of the killer named in these theories nor the person espousing the theory.

This post will address the possibility that the murderer of  Stacey Burns was a woman. Of course, this is speculation but the authorities have done nothing to derail the rumors and innuendos, so why not allow speculation to enter in? It is nothing new in this case, by the way.

This particular scenario  has more advocates than you might imagine, according to people who have either spoken to me directly, responded to a blog post, or have contacted me via personal e-mail. Naturally, these possibilities will not disappear until there is an arrest.  Please remember that I am just the messenger here, reporting on what others have said. I am not (necessarily) agreeing with any of the possibilities which will me mentioned in the next few posts.

So, could Stacey’s killer have been a woman? Certainly! Why? According to more than one source, she openly expressed fear for her physical safety and had been confronted by at least one angry female on more than one occasion. Three people have supplied names of different women whom they believe were capable of committing the murder.

Whether any of these accusations are valid, only the police would know for sure, as I am certain that they have checked out every possibility in their in-depth  six and half year investigation.

What do you think? Could the elusive murderer of Stacey Burns could have been a lady killer?