Face the fact in the killing of Stacey Burns- Justice has been delayed. The major question is whether that delay means that justice will be denied.

This will be brief.  The decision between justice delayed or justice denied rests with two groups: Law enforcement or those who loved Stacey enough to not quit on her memory.

Law enforcement: Have you given up on the murder of Stacey Burns? (Justice delayed, hoping something happens to give you an easy out?)

Those who loved Stacey Burns (family, friends, community): Are you willing to give up? (Justice denied)

Either way. it will be SEVEN YEARS thist May! Sadly, I don’t see much fire in the eyes of those seeking justice for this poor woman whom I never met but still feel as if I knew her.

Personal opinion?-There is no excuse for this. Someone is lacking the courage to bring   a vicious, amoral, cowardly killer into the legal system. Feel free to disagree and let me know that I am completely wrong about this.