Several people expressed interest in the historical perspective presented by revisiting past emails, blog posts, and other materials contained in my “murder book” about the Stacey Burns murder. I’ll share some of them in the interest of trying to make some sense of the timeline for the investigation. I will not refer to anyone by name.

From an email dated July 27, 2010 after visits and interviews by the producers of the 20/20 show in Wolfeboro: “Learned a few things…they found sixty different DNA samples in Stacey’s house.” Another specific detail gleaned from the 20/20 team was shared in this email as well.

For the second time in a Facebook post on September 13, 2011 (the first was in the spring of 2011) I asked this question.  “How did the 20/20 interviewers gain access to police reports which were supposedly sealed?” (because of the ongoing investigation)

In my opinion, then and now, the television show should not have had such details as mentioned above. I sent a registered letter to John Quinones of 20/20 asking the same question. Not surprisingly, it was received but never answered.

These items are between seven and eight years old. I still wonder how that information got beyond the grasp of the police investigators? Could we now, after nine and half years, have it shared with the general public, or would that still jeopardize the investigation?