Because many readers of this blog do not always see all of the replies, I am quoting one from Jim Vittum below. I have no reason to question its authenticity but the content is extremely unnerving. What do you think?

If what this “retired MCU (which I assume stands for Major Crimes Unit in New Hampshire) allegedly said is true, then any family and friends of Stacey Burns should be outraged. Have they really quit on this case?  Here is the statement:

“I talked to a ‘retired’ state police MCU guy yesterday, he said the Burns case does get a lot of attention , he say’s they sit around and laugh at me and you (Dukster)all the time. He also said that because Stacey and Ed were from MA. and now Ed moved back, that it’s their (Ma.’s) problem and N.H. won’t spend another second or dollar on it.  I kinda knew that anyway.”

If this statement is incorrect and anyone in authority would care to challenge it, please contact me so it can be corrected. I’m doubting that anyone will even bother since so many previous requests to the authorities in this blog have gone unanswered.

I’ll address the somewhat serious charge in that statement (it has to do with criminal jurisdiction) in a later post.