Between September 27 and September 30, I will be in New Hampshire. Either I will be presenting a program or two or I will be trying to establish something new for my work on the Stacey Burns book. It would seem that there may be some out there in the “Live Free or Die” state who would be interested in several issues about my work. I would welcome the opportunity to supply information (first hand) if a venue exists for that to happen. Here are just a few of the issues I could address in person, issues which I’ve addressed in this blog forum before.

1. WHY would I want to write this book? (Includes where any profit from the book, should it ever make any, would go.)

2. What is the process is writing a book in the true crime genre?

3.  How much true cooperation have I received while trying to discover the truth?

4. Why have some people refused to talk to me?

This list could be quite extensive but my forty-five minute program, entitled “Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte” answers most questions raised about this project. The program has been presented twice to an audience of professional writers here in Arizona and has been well-received.

It is unfortunate that the time frame is limited but I have to begin the trip back to Arizona on October 1.

Would anyone like to hear what I have to say?