This murder case will either give some of you hope that the murderer of Stacey Burns will eventually be caught or it will be discouraging because of the length of time involved in making an arrest.

Here’s a synopsis of the story which just broke out here in Tucson. David Watson, a veteran of the Tucson Fire Department, was arrested at his home on suspicion of three counts of first degree murder. Watson allegedly killed his wife, Linda, in 2000 and then Linda’s mother and a friend in 2003. The investigator said Watson was a prime suspect all along but it took fifteen years of investigation to finally make the case. The likely motive for all three murders was a custody battle over a four year daughter, who is now nineteen.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Cold Case Department feels they have solved the case and have enough evidence to convict David Watson, the man they describe as “evil.”

So, those of you in Wolfeboro waiting for the New Hampshire State Police to solve the obviously cold case murder of Stacey Burns, you could have a long wait. Perhaps in 2024, we will have a suspect behind bars. Perhaps we won’t, either.

Is everyone willing to continue to wait, hoping and praying that the major crimes unit comes up with something before our memories are dimmed beyond recovery?