Five and half years ago, (March 28, 2013) back when I believed that the murderer of Stacey Burns would be caught, I asked this question in a blog post. 

It makes sense, to me at least, to ask the question again since it seems a valid one, even after over five years. So, here it is.

“How many of you out there who were initially interviewed by the police have been reinterviewed within the last six months? (By anyone, including cold case detectives, other state police personnel, local police, reporters) It just seems that the answer to this question would provide a clue about the efforts to find the killer. (Just my opinion!)”

If key people have not been contacted, even if the time is stretched out to within the last year, then it would appear that the posture of the investigation process is passive rather than active.  Five years ago, not a single person indicated they had been approached again by law enforcement. If the same is true now, then I guess we are back to the “waiting for someone to confess” mode.

Anyone connected with this case from the beginning been approached? Just wondering . . .