I received these interesting questions via email from a follower of this blog. With permission, I am reprinting them here, leaving out the three names preceding the question about being asked to be on the 20/20 show back in January, 2011. Suffice it say that these three had close relationships with Stacey Burns at the time of her murder. None of the three appeared in that episode of 20/20 so the questions about their appearance (or lack thereof) seem valid.

The second question dealing with the party that Ed Burns attended on that Saturday night of the murder has been asked before but specifics have not been supplied, at least not to the general public. I asked on numerous occasions for the name of the hotel where the party took place but no one has supplied an answer to that either, mostly under the guise of the “continuing investigation” argument.

(The names of three people closely associated with Stacey at the time of her murder precede these questions.)

Were they asked to be on 20/20?
Did they decline?

What type of party was Ed at-the night of the murder?
The video that Michael Brabants supplied to
20/20, definitely is an “occasion type” of party.
Watch the tape again.

Here is my question: Is it driving any of her family and friends crazy that we are approaching yet another Christmas for her children to face without their mother, and we still do not have a conclusion? I never met her, and it is driving me crazy!